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General Terms and Conditions IBER ALUMINUM ENGINEERING BV

Art 1: General provisions

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, the following terms and conditions of sale are accepted by both parties.

Art 2: Quotations

The prices and conditions used in our quotations are given without any commitment, IBER ALUMINUM ENGINEERING BV can always unilaterally decide not to carry out the works listed in the quotations.

Art 3: Prices

1) The prices stated on the order form or invoice are fixed with everything included for the stated period. In the absence of a validity period, this is 1 month. If changes are made to the delivery period and/or the execution period of the works and/or circumstances, IBER ALUMINUM ENGINEERING BV has the right to charge additional costs.
2) With regard to materials of foreign origin, any change in exchange rates may also lead to a revision of our prices.

Art 4: Order form / order confirmation

The commitment is established when the order form is signed by the customer and/or order confirmation that we send by e-mail or other electronic channels. The order confirmation must be checked within 24 hours of receipt, any changes must be reported to us within this period. After this period it is no longer possible to cancel the order. In case of force majeure, all costs already incurred must be paid with a minimum of 30% of the total amount, plus 250 EUR for administrative costs. These costs are deducted from advances already paid. In other cases, the total goods and costs are due in full by the customer.

Art 5: Execution times of the works

The execution times of the works and the delivery times are for information purposes only and are not binding on IBER ALUMINUM ENGINEERING BV. Nevertheless, these specified periods will be observed as punctually as possible, but delay can not give rise to the claim for damages, nor to the termination of the contract. In the event of force majeure such as: strikes, war, prohibition of import and export, machine defects, fire, exceptional weather conditions and their direct consequences and all possible causes which entail a stoppage and/or delay of the works and/or deliveries, IBER may ALUMINUM ENGINEERING BV extend the execution period of the works or the delivery period, without the customer's right to compensation of any kind.

Art 6: Quality and defects

In the event that the buyer/customer claims the non-conformity of the delivered performances and/or goods, either before or after the delivered works or goods, the buyer will bear the burden of proof of the non-conformity of these.

Art 7: Payments

All our invoices are payable in cash and must be paid before the due date. In the absence of payment within 7 calendar days after the due date, the customer owes, without notice of default, an interest of 10% per 2 weeks on the principal or the balance thereof. In the event of non-payment within 30 days after the due date, the principal or balance can be increased again by law and also without notice of default by 10% with a minimum of 125 Euros. After the order and/or order confirmation, the customer must pay an advance of 50% before the due date, the other 40% when the material has been delivered to our warehouse and/or to the customer and 10% after the work has been carried out. If material remains in our storage for more than 2 weeks, the full amount must be paid. Afterwards, compensation of 20% per week on the cost of the material is due. Payment of invoices does not constitute a transfer of ownership. Payment of invoice does not discharge the foregoing; Execution, delivery and/or completion of the order may be refused if the due invoice amounts have not been paid. All costs, direct and indirect resulting from non-payment, are borne by the customer/buyer.

Art 8: Protest against payment

If the buyer/customer does not agree with the invoice amount, he must inform IBER ALUMINUM ENGINEERING BV of his objections within 3 calendar days by registered letter. These objections must be explained in detail. It is assumed that the customer/buyer checks the invoices so that it is assumed that invoices already paid cannot be returned.

Art 9: Warranty conditions

Our goods are guaranteed for a period of 10 years as provided in art. 1792 and 2270 BW on construction, one year on hidden manufacturing defects, fittings and hardware. The guarantee only applies if the goods delivered by us are used under normal circumstances and have undergone normal maintenance. The guarantee only comes into effect after full payment for the goods delivered by us. Replacement parts and labor covered by this warranty are free of charge. Replacing a part does not extend the warranty. Only the warranty of our suppliers applies to the lacquer layer and anodisation. The glass is exclusively guaranteed by the glass manufacturer. For all other warranty provisions, the provisions of the warranty certificate upon delivery apply

Art 10: Liability

IBER ALUMINUM ENGINEERING BV can only be held liable for the works indicated in the order form/order confirmation.

Art 11: Disputes

In case of disputes, only the courts of the Antwerp judicial department are competent.

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